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Non-Tingle (Regular) Formulas- Keyword search "regular"

How Non-Tingle Formulas Work:
Suitable for any tanner, non-tingle formulas contain key ingredients which optimize tan development and hydrate the skin.
• Provides intense moisture to the skin for the longest- lasting tanning results
• Conditions the skin for soft, smooth, healthy results
• Prevents after tan odor
• Helps to prevent and diminish fine lines and wrinkles

Tingle Formulas- Keyword search "tingle"

How Tingle Formulas Work:
Tingle formulas increase the microcirculation of the outer skin layer (epidermis).
The rush of blood flow through the high concentration of nerve endings in skins outer layer (epidermis) results in a “tingle” sensation and a warming-reddening effect. This is important because the epidermis contains “tanning cells” (melanocytes) skin cells that produce pigment. Due to the increased blood flow and oxygenation to the epidermis the activity of the melanocytes increases. Tingle products are available in different levels of intensity and provide advanced results.
Tingle formulas should only be used by tanners with a base tan or those at advanced levels of indoor tanning

Bronzing Formulas- Keyword search "bronzers"

How Bronzing Formulas Work:
Bronzing formulas produce a tanned appearance by developing a brown color on the surface of the skin without the exposure to UV light The effects of bronzers provide a more immediate natural looking bronze result.
Used by all levels of tanners, bronzing ingredients can be added to tingle or non-tingle formulas to supplement and enhance the tan achieved from ultraviolet exposure.

Cooling Formulas- Keyword search "cooling"

How Cooling Formulas Work:
Cooling products contain ingredients that draw warmth away from the skin.
These ingredients may be added to non-tingle, tingle, or bronzing formulas for a unique effect. Tanners may use cooling products to offset or neutralize the heat of a tingle product or to minimize the hot feeling of a tanning unit.

Blush Formulas- Keyword search "blush"

How Blush Formulas Work:
Blush formulas produce a glowing blush to the skin.