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Supre Hot Caramel Apple 15x Tingle Bronzer

Supre Hot Caramel Apple 15x Tingle Bronzer

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Dip yourself in rich creamy darkness with Hot Caramel Apple. This Ultra Dark Tingle 15x Bronzer with skin stimulators provides a splash of radiant heat and deep rich bronze color, while skin firming Apple Extracts and Caffeine leave your skin looking smoother and more toned. This deliciously sweet dark bronzing treat will leave you saying, “How do you like them apples!”

* ColorBurst Complex helps amplify the skin’s natural melanin production, taking your tan to the deepest level.
* 15X Dark Bronzing blend utilizes a complex of DHA and Natural Bronzers to dramatically darken skin after UV exposure for a deeper, darker, longer-lasting tan.
* Hot skin stimulators explode your tanning experience with an immediate, hot tingling sensation.
* Skin Firming Apple Blend helps hydrate and condition while improving skins tone.

Supre Hot Caramel Apple 15x Tingle Bronzer

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Size8.0 oz
ClassificationTingle , Bronzer
FragranceHot Caramel Apple

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